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Spectator grandstands

The grandstands offered by our company can be installed both indoors and outside public utility facilities. The main objective of such grandstand is to enable easy and fast construction of permanent, rotational and modular sets of seats, e.g. during sports or cultural mass events in the open air.

The grandstands – in the place of assembly – are built from ready-made, steel, hot-dip galvanized structural elements joined without the use of screws, which facilitates assembling and demounting. Only plastic seats are screwed into the metal construction permanently.

As a manufacturer of seats, we also offer a range of several types of shell seats, which differ from one another in terms of backrest height.

Our grandstands are additionally equipped with adjustable feet, which – to a certain extent – allow eliminating ground unevenness in the place of assembling.
The stands have standardized platforms made from Wema grids, which together with metal risers form an effective and functional solution in terms of assembly.